Your WordPress site is taking too much of your time?

What devMIX is all about

Managing an active Wordpress website and keeping everything running smooth, can cost you a big chunk of your most valuable asset - your time.

devMIX is a premium WordPress support and maintenance service, that is intended to free you from your daily WordPresss tasks.

By using our service, you can focus your attention on things that produce the most value to you, like marketing and producing great content.

Moving Wordpress out of your way

Whether you sign to our on-going Wordpress care plan or using our support services occasionally, you can rest assured that no mather what problem you face, you can always reach out for help.

Our highly skilled developers can promptly take care of all your WordPress tasks, and make sure your site is always in its best condition. Our workflow is simple and stress free – you simply email us a description of what you need, and we take care of it.

From general WordPress support issues to updating, optimizing and securing your site, we do it all. It's like having a personal in-house development team - without the headaches...

A complete WordPress care plan

devMIX care plan covers everything you need to ensure your website is optimized for peak performance at all times:

Backup and recovery

We save backups of your site to the cloud, and recover the site on failure events.


We update Wordpress core files, themes and plugins, so you can benefit from the latest features and security updates.

Uptime Monitoring

We continually monitor your site and make sure it is up and available to users.

Security checks

We regularly perform security checks looking for vulnerabilities and security holes in your setup.

Performance checks

We regularly monitor your site performance and speed for a good user experience.

SEO ranking report

We send you periodic reports about how your site is ranking in search results.

Website reports

We send you periodic reports about the work we have done on your site.

Access top WP developers

24/7 unlimited free access to world top professional Wordpress developers.

As a DevMix Wordpress care plan member, you get unlimited free consultation from top Wordpress developers, and order development work at a low cost, reserved only to our care plan members.

Fill the short form bellow and one of our devs will contact you in order to get you onboard and setup everything for you.

    One-time task or on-going service? - You decide

    We offer professional WordPress support services as an on-going care plan, where we continuously monitor your website and make sure it is in good shape, or as a one-time 'pay-as-you-go' support service.

    If all you need is occasional help here and there our one-time tasks ‘pay-as-you-go’ support service is what you are looking for.

    Our process is simple and effective

    1. Place your order

    2. Provide access to your site

    3. We do our magic...

    4. Review our work

    5. All good?

    6. Project closed

    Try submitting a task now, It's easy as:

    100% Guarente

    If for any reason we can't fix your site, your payment will be refunded in full. No hassles.

    We regularly help people and businesses with:



    We install Wordpress and other third party software and scripts


    We recover broken sites and bring them back to the point before they crashed

    Custom coding

    We add custom functionality to your site by writing dedicated code

    Ongoing maintenance service plans

    We continuously watch your site and make sure it is live and up to date

    Site migration

    We safely move your site to a new hosting account or different server / domain

    Speed up sites

    We tune up and increase your site speed for better user engagement with your content


    We harden your site security and protect it from hacker attacks / recover hacked sites

    Theme customization

    We edit your Wordpress theme and make custom changes so it will better fit your needs

    Theme setup

    We install and setup your premium Wordpress theme so it will look on your site exactly as in the theme demo


    We troubleshoot and fix any Wordpress errors and failures on demand

    Not seeing what you are looking for?

    Just write to us, we can help with any Wordpress issue

    What else?