WordPress maintenance service [WP care plan]

Being a business owner is very demanding. You need to put everything you’ve got in order to succeed in today’s crowded markets.

Imagine not having to worry about WordPress problems anymore

Wouldn’t it be great to take this one off your tasks list?

Simply knowing everything is taken care of and runs smoothly, without having to care about updates, is my site is up? Did someone hack my site? Why my site is so slow?

For a small monthly fee we will take all your WordPress worries off your back!

We got a team of skilled WordPress developers ready to continually watch your site and take care of all the necessary actions that will keep everything ticking together nicely.

We have your back

Our dev team will respond promptly when something goes wrong, with minimal or no efforts required on your side.

When something goes wrong with your site, all you need to do is email us and we will take it from there. Just imagine not having to go searching for WordPress developers on all these freelance sites whenever a problem arises.

What we will do for your WordPress site:

  1. Daily full backups of your site
  2. Regular updates to themes plugins and WP core files.
  3. Security & Monitoring. We will continually monitor your site for downtime, security and vulnerability issues, and fix any problems we find.
  4. Recovery on fail. If your site crashes, or stops working for any reason – we will recover it.
  5. Weekly reports about all the work we have done on your site
  6. Unlimited 20% discount on all devMIX other services
  7. Most important of all: you will have the peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your site, our developers have your back.

It’s like a health care plan for your site

Even more benefits

Each website you add to the care plan is initially checked for security and performance issues. This initial check helps us make sure all sites we watch are in good working order from the start. We notify you of any issues that require attention and add our recommended actions.


devMIX WordPress care plan costs only $25/month per site. We also offer 2 months free service when signing annually at $250.

* Please note that some sites are not compatible with this service and we reserve the right to decline incompatible subscriptions. Not sure if your site fits the criteria? Ask us.