Are blogs still relevant today?

For the last 10 years I have been providing web support, and specifically WordPress technical support to clients around the globe. During these years there was one question that continuously repeated itself:

Are blogs still relevant?

Well, TEN years later my answer remains the same: blogs are more relevant today than ever.

This question does not come from nowhere.

With all the communication channels surrounding us, I can understand why some people may question the reasoning behind blogging, not to mention hosting your own WordPress website which can be overwhelming sometimes.

Nevertheless, in this post I will hopefully convince you in the importance of running a self hosted blog, even with today’s widely available communication tools.

Let’s begin,

What is blogging anyway?

The basic definition of the term blog (originated from the term ‘web log’) is a web publication featuring chronologically ordered items or posts.

In fact, you are reading a blog post right now.

Blog content usually revolves around current issues and ideas. I love to think of blogging as having your own private news agency.

Your blog can be a central place for you to express your personal and professional views. If you are trying to promote yourself or your brand you will find blogging as an indispensable tool.

Running a blog can help you with:

– Let the world know about your personal or professional activities

– Getting exposed to new opportunities

– Meeting new people who share the same interests and motives as you

– Positioning yourself as the go-to guy in the subject you cover

Why blogging is more important than ever?

We live in a very special era. The internet boom changed how we consume information and communicate. Public information is often much manipulated, and truth has become more liquid than ever.

In time like these, having a tool that allows you to express your views, whether personal or professional, can be a very valuable asset.

With all the “Fake news” being spread, people are more likely to appreciate a genuine and honest voice.

The social media revolution

Social media tremendously changed the way we use the web. Services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their likes, have become the new city square where everybody meets everybody.

On the technical aspect, sharing our thoughts, photos and other media has become a matter of clicking a button on our phone screen. This phenomenon has its positives and negatives which are a subject to a whole other discussion.

Some of you are probably thinking:

Do I really need another place to share my thoughts, photos and other news about myself?

While all social media sites are great places to promote your views – they are not HOME.
Having your posts floating in a sea of millions other posts, is a totally different thing than a website that entirely revolves around you or your business.

Do you see the point?

Your blog is the place where you aggregate all the results of your promotion efforts.

Once you succeed in creating an audience around your blog, no one can take this away from you. (Well, unless you do something very wrong)

Your blog audience will never lose sight of you because someone decided to change how they rank your posts.

Making an impact with your blog

1. Be unique
Always aim at bringing your own unique angle on the subjects you are writing about. There are millions of blogs repeating each other out there. The world does not need another one.

2. Be courageous
Don’t be afraid to throw away politically correctness and go against the flow – this is part of being unique!

3. Spread the word
Your content might be great, but if no one knows about its existence – it can’t bring any value.

Invest more time in promoting your blog – than in actually doing the writing.

4. Focus on building a community around your blog
Attracting new visitors to your blog is important, keeping them coming back for more is even more important.

Building a community who follows your blog is probably the most important goal for your blog.

I say it again, establishing a community around your blog is a key milestone in your blogging success.

5. Research and educate yourself continuously
If you aim at being a thought leader you should obviously know what you’re talking about. Keep an open eye for changes and trends in your field.

6. Become a valuable resource to your readers
There is a sea of content getting published every day. Your content should be top quality and add value to whomever invest the time reading it.

Don’t neglect your blog presentation, as it helps your content become more accessible and make it easier for reader to engage with.

7. Keep your blog technically healthy
There is no excuse for a purely maintained blog or website. Your blog should always be running smooth and respond fast. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Give your visitors the same good experience every time they come around.
When you open a bottle of Coke you know exactly what to expect – treat your blog the same.

If you don’t have the technical skills and knowledge – hire someone who has.

Your thoughts?

We have touched upon some of the reasons that make us think blogs are still relevant today. I would love to know what you think about blogging and how you see it in the future.

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